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We appreciate you choosing BoostMe io and thank you for your business.This agreement is subject to revision or modification at any moment, which we retain the right to do. The user terms and conditions agreement's most recent change date can be seen at the bottom of this page. The user is in charge of remaining up to date on any modifications. You agree to accept all past, present, and future user terms and conditions set forth in this agreement by using this site.

Age Limitation

You attest that you are at least 18 years old by accessing this website. You may use this website with the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who has approved and accepted the User Terms and Conditions Agreement if you are under the age of 18 but at least 13 years old.

Use of the Website and Copyright

Except for photos from third parties, all content, including images, on BoostMe is fully protected by intellectual property rights. Any use of materials from this website by a third party requires BoostMe's prior approval. BoostMe and any third parties with authorization are the sole owners of the content on this website.

Restrictions on Liability 

The user consents to waive any and all claims, damages, or losses against BoostMe and any related parties resulting from any violation of this agreement's terms and conditions. The user further acknowledges that BoostMe and any other parties associated with BoostMe are not responsible for any losses or damages of any type suffered as a result of using this website.



The user acknowledges that they will use BoostMe sensibly and solely for the purposes for which they were intended. The user commits to not attempting to alter anything on the website or jeopardize its security.


You are aware that when you acquire any service from us, you are paying us to run a social media ad on a third-party website.


Discreet Information

To fulfill your order, BoostMe uses the data you provide. Additionally, we use your information to notify you of upcoming sales, coupons, and details on any third-party websites you might find interesting. Your information will never be sold by Boostme.


Refund Promise

Customers can email us or use our live chat service to get refunds if they need them. If an issue continues, refunds are available for all transactions. Within 24 hours, a member of our customer care team will respond to you.

Social Media

Boostme disclaims responsibility for any loss or damage to social media accounts, videos, or other data that occurs during or after delivery of your order. You use our website at your own risk, kindly remember.



Without giving prior warning, Boostme reserves the right to amend any mistakes identified on its website. Even though we pride ourselves on being accurate, errors may occasionally happen. When this happens, corrections must be made right away.

Refund Procedure

Can I receive a refund for my purchase?

Only if we fail to fulfill your product within three days of the time. Your order will then be eligible for a refund. This applies if the product's specified shipping time is shorter than three days. If the delivery window is more than three days, a refund may be requested after the time. However, we won't give you a refund if your product was delivered on time and in full.

Can I cancel my order and receive a refund if I change my mind after I placed it?

Refunds are only granted if an order has not yet been placed. We are unable to issue a refund if your order has already been completed or is in the processing queue.


One of the key problems in every company industry is consumer protection. However, almost every industry has its own services to uphold consumer rights and guarantee customer happiness. The return policy has the potential to satisfy customers while preventing instances where something is out of style.

We focus on the refund policy as well because we guarantee consumer rights. Many customers inquire about the likelihood of receiving a refund. According to our refund policy, the only time you are eligible for a refund is if your order is not delivered within the agreed period (72 hours) after you first made your order.

Privacy Policy

Boostme is allowed to retain the private data of its clients. Keeping personal information is necessary for the reasons listed below.


  1. a) Membership: Your username and email address may be stored.


  1. b) Newsletters: BoostMe may get in touch with you using your personal information to let you know about special offers and other things.


  1. c) Errors: We may use your email address and phone number to contact you if there is a problem with our services.


  1. d) Collaboration: In order to create a better company structure, it's necessary that we can share your communication data with our support for statistics and surveys.


Information about our clients may be preserved by us, but it cannot be disclosed to outside companies. Classified information about our clients is under our control, and we accept responsibility for any wrongdoing if it were to fall into the hands of outside groups.

Security and Payment

Customers of Boostme have the option of paying with PayPal, Credit Cards or Cryptocurrency. With the help of SSL and 3D secure systems, credit card information is protected.


  1. a) Paypal: PayPal allows you to make payments without having to enter your credit card details each time and accepts millions of businesses worldwide, making it a convenient option for online shopping. It also uses advanced security measures to protect your financial information and prevent fraud.


  1. b) Credit Card: Both VISA and Mastercard credit cards are accepted by our payment system. Our staff members and customer support representatives are unable to access consumer credit card information. The SSL security technology is not sufficiently protecting credit card information.

  2. c) Cryptocurrency: Blockchain technology, which is the underlying technology of most cryptocurrencies, provides a transparent and public ledger of all transactions and can be used for transactions across borders without the need for intermediaries like banks. They are typically anonymous, allowing users to make transactions without revealing their identity.



Usage of Cookies

Cookies are a type of tiny text file used to track the actions of website users. Cookies help our service and internet pages to improve. Cookies should be permitted by users if they want better services.

Cookies let page owners know how many people are visiting their site, what they do there, and where they are coming from. (Google, URL, etc.)


Security for Email

Customers shouldn't provide their credit card number or personal vital information in emails. There isn't a mail-order system in place. Be aware. The email address of the customer is protected in accordance with our privacy policy.

Exceptional Circumstances

In these circumstances, Boostme maintains the right to modify its privacy policy;


  1. If client information is required by governmental authorities.
  2. The business is permitted to give authorities consumer information when there are legal obligations.
  3. When it is important for consumer security.


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