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If you want to boost your Spotify profile in a short time, buying plays will make it happen. This way, you can make your content heard by many audiences and get new organic plays.


When someone plays your tracks for more than 30 seconds, it counts as a play. When more people play your songs, your chances of getting featured on algorithm-based playlists increase greatly.


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What are Spotify Plays?

Spotify plays are counted every time a song is streamed, regardless of whether it's played in full or partially but at least 30 seconds. When a user presses play on a track, it is recorded as a play and the number of plays for that song is updated. Spotify plays are used to determine the overall popularity of a song, as well as the popularity of the artist and their music on the platform.

More Spotify plays can benefit your account by increasing visibility, building a fan base and increasing your overall popularity on the platform. This can potentially lead to more streams, followers, and plays on your music and can help you reach a wider audience. With the help of our Boostme Spotify Plays service, your song will look more popular and appealing to new listeners as well as your profile. We at BoostMe can assist you in promoting your art when it comes to boosting your Spotify song.

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Why Should You Buy Spotify Plays?

The more Spotify Plays you have, the more people will think more highly of you as an artist, as you can demonstrate social proof and importance. Your social proof will also attract new listeners. And if they like your art, they will add your songs to their custom playlists, and you will get even more organic growth and visibility. Buying Spotify Plays can have more advantages. Here are a few:

  • Increased exposure: With more plays, your music is more likely to be discovered by new listeners, which can lead to more organic plays and followers.
  • Enhanced credibility: High play counts can boost your credibility and make your music look more popular, which can help you attract more fans and industry attention.
  • Better chances for playlists: With more listeners, your music is more likely to be picked up by Spotify curators or the algorithm and added to popular playlists, which can help you reach even more listeners.
  • Faster growth: Buying monthly listeners can help you quickly build momentum and gain traction on the platform, which can take a long time to achieve organically.
Overall, buying Spotify plays can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your music career goals. In combination with increased followers and monthly listeners you can perfectly demonstrate your social proof. Whether you're an independent artist looking to gain more visibility or a major label looking to boost your streaming numbers, buying Spotify plays can help you achieve your goals.
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How to buy Spotify Plays?

Purchasing Spotify Plays is easy. You don't have to give us important details like your password or anything else. Do these simple 5 steps to get started with BoostMe!

  1. Choose your Package and the desired number of monthly listeners.
  2. Click order now!
  3. Copy and paste the URL for your song into the space provided.
  4. When you're finished, choose your payment provider
  5. Complete the transaction and lean back! You successfully bought Spotify followers.

That's it. You'll quickly receive a notification of your order from us. Please give our service a little more time if you booked a higher number of spotify streams as we are sending your plays to your spotify song.

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Is it safe to buy Spotify plays?
Yes, it is 100% safe. Our website is protected with a SSL certificate.
What counts as a play on Spotify?
A play is counted if a user listened to more than 30 seconds to your song.
How long does it take to get Spotify plays?
Once you have completed your payment, we will immediately start to work on your order. Normally it should start within 30-60 minutes depending on the size of your order. Please allow more time if you order bigger amounts of plays.
Can anybody realize I bought plays?
No, there is no way for users to see it. However you shouldn't go buy 1 million plays as an upcoming artist. That would be strange.
Will my plays decrease over time?
That should not happen. However in rare cases it can happen. For that please write our customer support, so we can put the streams back where they belong.
Do Spotify artists see who listens ?
No, Artists can only see the gender and the age of the user, but not the specific user.
How does Spotify calculate royalties?
Spotify seems to be paying between 0.003 and 0.005$ per stream and that amount is only generated if a premium account listens to a song more than 30 seconds long.
Is there a way of telling how many plays I got ?
If your song is not listed in your “popular” songs on your profile, there is no way to see it. If it is listed among the best 5 everyone can see the streams.
Is Spotify more used than Apple Music?
Yes. Spotify is the market leader in music streaming and has the biggest market share.
Can I see who plays my Spotify?
You can only see how many people are streaming your songs live-time in your spotify artists app but not which account is streaming it.