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When Instagram users see that your post has a lot of comments under it, it will attract them to take a closer look at your post. It may even end up with getting many more likes since people will visit to see the comments.


Instagram comments are the hardest to obtain among the three main engagement types on Instagram. Therefore, they add great value to the post and the account.


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Why Should You Buy Instagram Comments?

One of the two main ways a user can interact with your post is through an Instagram comment. Although likes are important as well, comments are a different and more active type of interaction that need more effort. Since comments are more relevant than likes or follows, Instagram marketers, companies, and influencers use the comment box as a source of engagement and feedback.

Many individuals buy Instagram comments because they help make posts appear popular and increase engagement rate. It's because viewers pay more attention to comments-heavy postings than they do to content that receives none. People can keep their engagement with you by liking or leaving more comments on your postings, and some of them may follow you as a result of the social proof you have built up. By purchasing our Instagram BoostMe service, you guarantee that your chances of growing your Instagram engagement rise.

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How Can I Get More Comments on Instagram Organically?

You must put a lot of effort into getting comments on your content in a natural way. Although not impossible, it is definitely an extremely exhausting task. You must use hashtags carefully, comment on other users' posts, and more.

You will receive a reward if you reach a very high interaction rate on your account. And if you want to go quickly and avoid dealing with these processes, you should think about getting a boost for your Instagram with our comments service from us.

Our Instagram comments can boost sales, brand recognition, as well as other aspects of your company's social media marketing strategy. Buying comments can turn you into a social media influencer or boost your status on the site even if you don't run a business.

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How to Buy Instagram Comments?

It's quite easy to buy Instagram comments. Important information like your password or anything else is not required from you. Follow these 5 easy actions to buy comments with BoostMe!

  1. Choose your Package and the desired number of reel views.
  2. Click order now!
  3. Copy and paste the URL for your post into the space provided.
  4. When you're finished, choose your payment provider
  5. 5. Complete the transaction and lean back! You successfully bought Instagram comments.

Note: You should have a public profile in order to receive instagram comments.

That's it. You'll quickly receive an order confirmation from us. Please give our service a little more time if you booked a higher number of comments. For the rest you can always contact our support team.

Buying social media services from BoostMe is easy and fast. Just follow these 3 simple steps.

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Is it safe to buy instagram comments?
Yes, it is 100% safe as our website is protected with an SSL certificate. No customer of ours ever ran into any problems.
Can I get banned for buying instagram comments?
No, absolutely not. You can not get banned.
What kind of comments are you providing?
We provide random comments from male and female accounts. They post easy supportive comments to your content and will increase your social proof.
Will my account stay safe through the process?
Yes, it will always stay safe as we never ask for vital information such as passwords.
Does my account need to be public?
Yes, your account needs to be set to public in order to receive our service.
Can my instagram comments decrease?
It is very unlikely and uncommon that comments decrease. If you however experience a drop we can refill your comments. Just make sure to write our customer support service and we will take care of it.
Is it possible to get a refund if I change my mind?
We offer refunds only to orders which we could not deliver within 72 hours. If your order is already processing, it is not possible to refund your order. Check our refund terms in our conditions.
Is it a good idea to add hashtags to my comments?
You can do that, if you don't want to make your caption so busy. However, you can hide your hashtags in the caption if you write them a few spaces below.
How many comments can I buy at once?
You can buy up to 500 random generated comments at once with us.
How long does it take to receive my comments?
After you buy comments, we will try to deliver them within a few hours. However it may take up to a day or 2 if you order big big amounts.
Can I delete instagram comments?
Yes, if you do not like specific comments, you can delete them or hide them for the public in your post.