Frequently Asked Questions

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Is BoostMe Safe to Use?

Our services dont require you to share passwords of your accounts. Hence we dont control your account. This service should not affect your accounts in a negative light if used properly

What is the correct format to use in the link?

For Followers - You need to use the link of the profile / Page

For Likes / Views / Engagement - You need to put the link of the Post / Video

If the form is asking for Username - Enter the username without "@"

What is required for me to work with your services?

Your social media profile must be public and open for worldwide, Username shall not be changed.

Can I cancel my order after it has been placed?

No, That is not possible. Please make sure you put the correct link while ordering..

Can my Video on Youtube be Banned because of your service?

We've not had any issues of bans when it comes to youtube services. Just make sure your videos do not violate the TOS of youtube.

Is the purchase of social media engagement legal?

Absolutely! Purchases of followers, likes, and comments are entirely safe and legitimate. We take great care to comply with social media terms and policies while giving you real high quality social engagement.

We can confirm the legality and safety of the purchase of followers/likes based on our expertise conducting testing and assessments in practice. Not only is it entirely safe and legal, but we've personally never run into any issues while buying social engagement.


Will I be popular on social media with your services ?

You boost the possibility that your profile will gain greater popularity by using our services. We have no control over a number of other factors, though, which are dependent on your efforts.

What are the reasons why people buy engagement?

In the virtual world, like in the real world, the majority opinion has a massive effect. Like all other social media networks, your page becomes more visible the more subscribers and likes you have. Our high-quality engagement can provide you with the necessary numbers to ensure you get the kind of following/popularity you want. To ensure that you can take advantage of our services, we have even developed tailored packages for our various clientele.

Where do you get your social engagement from ?

We are able to provide our followers high-quality accounts because we established a social media network. The development of our unique brand of marketing at an amazing price has taken many years of trial and error, but we have mastered the source from which we can draw engagement in addition to hiring a highly qualified staff of marketing specialists.

How does the quality of your engagement compare to other social media services?

At Boostme, we offer our customers engaging content of the best quality. As we have worked to perfect our services over the years, we have developed an unmatched brand, approach, and marketing plan to engage customers without sacrificing the standard of our services. In addition, by working with other websites, we can advertise the profiles of our clients and drive traffic to their accounts.

Are there any discounts or refunds offered? If yes, when?

We provide refunds in specific circumstances. For instance, we will grant a refund if you are unsatisfied with our service because we did not complete your purchase within 72 hours. We will also offer a full refund if you decide you no longer wish to place an order and cancel it before it is processed.

What is

We are a well-known and reliable business that specializes in social marketing. Many of our rivals run fake promotions that are incomparably worse to ours in terms of both quality and cost. Even those that offer services and products that are somewhat comparable to ours charge much more!

Are there any account types you avoid working with?

We only refuse to deal with accounts that are in violation of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube restrictions. We do not operate with the following types:

  • Profiles with explicit material
  • Profiles that promote gambling accounts that show violence and/or hate material

These are just examples, and other types of accounts that violate the terms of service of the above social networking networks are not excluded. If we discover that a user account is breaking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube rules, we have the right to terminate that user's account at any time.

When I place an order, is it a one time or monthly fee?

Each of our service packages only requires a single payment. There won't be any ongoing fees added to your account or credit card. No worries.

What should I do after I place my order?

Just relax and say "hakuna matata"! Let our networks put together your service package and handle everything. Before you realize it, people will start to engage and we will boost your profile.

If any problems happen? Whom should I contact?

We offer live customer service to our clients 365 days a year. You can get in touch with us by leaving us a message. We will assist, and answer all questions you possibly have.

Will I continue to get ongoing live customer support, even if I order only once?

Absolutely! We take great pleasure in offering outstanding customer service and work hard to secure the best assistance for you. Even though we consistently rank among the finest customer service providers in our sector according to ratings, we strive to improve every single day. We accept any criticism, feedback, or suggestions—in fact, we eagerly await your feedback! So feel free to let us know what else we can do to assist you.

Why should I choose Boostme?

We are a customer-focused business, which aims to offer a high-qualiy service and we love to provide you with social engagement at great costs! We make a lot of effort to give you the finest customer service we can. We provide our clients the following:

  • Variety in products and services
  • Outstanding order experience
  • Prompt and efficient delivery of goods or services
  • Immediate focus on solving any issue or difficulty

We at Boostme, are committed to your comfort, safety, and pleasure because you, our clients, are what make our business successful. We have a live support crew available that can respond to emails and offer advice or assistance with any problem you might encounter.

Is it worth it to buy social engagement?

It is definitely worth every penny! Think of your purchase of our social engagement services as an investment that will bring profit in the future. Most of our customers report increased traffic, sales, brand value, and followers as a result of using our services.

If I buy social media engagement, can my account get blocked or banned?

Absolutely not! There is absolutely no possibility that your account might be suspended. We have been offering this service for a while, and during that time, not a single user has ever had issues with their account as a result of using our services. We take pleasure in working in accordance with the social media platforms rules and regulations. With that we helped thousands of customers successfully with big amounts of social media engagement.

I accidentally put my account private, while I was ordering with you. Have I lost my money?

In this situation, you will either get a part of your order or nothing at all. But typically, our system will see this mismatch, let us know, and then we'll send you a message to warn you. Then, just get in touch with us, let us know what's wrong, and we'll be happy to finish the order and assist you in solving the issue. Please make sure that your account is public while doing the order. You can set it to private after the order is done. 

Do you need my password for orders?

No. We respect your privacy extremely seriously, and we would never think of requesting it. We value your security above everything else, and we strongly advise to never give any personal information to a third party, including passwords.

What information do I need to provide?

All we need is your account username or content URL and an email address where we may contact you in order to give you social engagement. It is a simple, quick process. Within 30 minutes of purchase, the social engagment sending process will be started.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Our top priority is to satisfy our customers. As a result, we guarantee that we will issue a complete refund if you do not receive the quantity of followers or likes you requested or if your transaction does not start processing within 72 hours.

If I buy followers do I have to follow them back?

No. When you buy followers, all that's left to do is keep publishing engaging material to keep people engaged with your page. Some of your followers may choose to unfollow you if you are not active on your page, but you will never be required to follow them back.

Is it required to give you access to my social media account?

Absolutely not! All we need to locate you is a link or your username from your profile!

Why does my account has to be set to public?

Our system needs access to your profile in order to give you social engagement and it can only have that access if your profile is set to public.

What payment methods are accepted?

We currently offer Paypal, Credit Card and Cryptocurrency payments.

Which Credit Cards does your system accept?

The same credit/debit cards that PayPal accepts, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.

Can I pay with my credit card even if I do not have a Paypal Account?

Yes, you can. Just choose the Credit Card option and insert your details.

It has been a few hours since I ordered your service but I did not receive anything. What should I do?

You must first check to see if your account is set to private or public. When you find out that your account is set to private, no one can follow or like it. Sometimes it also happens that we are experiencing too many orders at once. Please get in touch with us so we can assist you rapidly resolve this issue. But do not worry. We are offering a full refund if your order does not arrive within 72 hours.

If I change my mind, and do not want to order anymore, can I get a refund?

Refunds are only granted if an order has not yet been placed. We are unable to issue a refund if your order has already been completed or is in the queue.

I am not satisfied with the engagement I bought. Can you delete it?

We are unable to undo or erase them. Every service we provide to your account's are permanent.

I looked at all F.A.Q but still could not find my question. How can I get it answered?

Leave us a ticket or contact our customer support to get in touch with us.